Introduce Yourself : Collaborating dreams by Erin P.S. Zimmerman

Erin P.S. Zimmerman

Collaborating dreams

Hi all! My name is Erin and I currently work in the marketing department for a movie theatre chain in the Midwest as well as run a fledgling photography/production company with my twin sister. I dream to produce, direct, and maybe act a little in films-both short and feature length-that help define my generation. I have so many ideas, but if you are an "idea guy" or love to help people write for free, let me know! I am looking to collaborate (worldwide) a lot in 2013 and get some projects together to submit to film fests :)

Don Thomas

Marketing huh? You have any experience writing press releases?

Don Thomas

I can write and edit a lot of different things. But I could probably up my game with writing press releases, if I knew someone who was willing to help me with that particular style of writing.

Erin P.S. Zimmerman

What kind of writing do you do? And I DO write press releases!

Don Thomas

Short stories, novellas, novels, comic books, blogs, online articles, short scripts, feature length scripts. Published in all the things on the list. Done some uncredited and non-paid work for TV and Film. You do? That's great, that is one of the things I need help improving, and personally I'm thinking I'll never be required to write a good poem or song. ;)

Pj Perez

Hi Erin! Love your energy.

Tiffy Diamond

That's really cool Erin! Welcome to Stage32 I'm sure you'll find a lot of people to collaborate with on here.

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