Success Stories: APR'18 Gotta Love Stage 32!

Lee Chavis

Gotta Love Stage 32!

I am pleased to announce that work has begun on the screenplay adaptation of my novel, A DANCE IN PARADISE. I just received the first 23 pages from produced screenwriter Danek S. Kaus. This wonderful journey began when I wrote, shot and directed the book trailer that got noticed by Danek, and which then led to a screenwriter's agreement. What's ironic is at the time, I had only wanted to write novels, but after shooting the trailer (because I wasn't happy with the company I had contracted to do the job -- but that's another story), I took an interest in filmmaking. This led me to Stage 32, and I've been on a roll ever since. In fact, I met two members here who got involved in a couple of shorts I produced, and what a ride it's been! What a great community! Even better, there's more to come!

Roger Evans

Hello everybody, I am a filmmaker. My involvement in the process is concept artist, DP, editor, VFX artist, CGI conceptualist and more. I love sci-fi and develop heavy sci-fi concepts. Currently I have a kickstarter project Named "The End of the Earth" The film is about who we are to each other and if those (Aliens) from other worlds are watching what will think of us. Yes its a sci-fi but a thinker film challenging us to re-think our association as "The human race" . check out the concept.

Robert David Kelso

Good on you for having the nerve to follow what you want to do. Hope you go all the way. with your projects and hope to see some soon.

Justin P Bechtold

That's awesome news, Lee. Good luck with the rest of the project.

Richard "RB" Botto

Keeps getting better, Lee. Awesome stuff.

Lee Chavis

Thanks Robert and Justin, though "A Dance" is just one of many projects. Like RB says, it keeps getting better because films and screenplays are a part of the journey we take, and I never want that journey to end. It's way too much fun! Thanks RB!

Teresa Crumpton

Congratulations Lee. Huge step forward. Keep writing!

Kathy Reinhart

Congratulations, Lee. I joined this site in part to bridge the gap between novel-writing and screen-writing. You're inspiring!

Jill Wallace

Hi Kathy! I am trying to do the opposite...going from being completely absorbed in screenwriting to converting those scripts to novels. Holy kangaroo! It's a bitch of a jump!

Kathy Reinhart

It certainly is, Jill. It's as if you have to re-hardwire you brain to think differently. Plodding along here...

Daniel Stewart Levy

Congratulations, Lee! Wonderful news! I'm also a screenwriter, my wife a novelist. Always interesting to share creative ideas. Sounds like you've got a lot of different talents which should serve you well in the industry.

Lee Chavis

Thanks Teresa!

Lee Chavis

Thank you, Kathy and Jill! Yes, there are differences between writing a novel and writing a screenplay, but the important thing I keep in mind when doing either one is to simply tell a story. You can have the best cinematography and special effects in the world, but in my opinion, a film without a story is not a film. It's just an array of pictures on a screen. I recently finished co-writing a screenplay with Karim Lounes (also a Stage 32 member), which I found a lot easier to do than writing a novel. Short and to-the-point scene descriptions, character description, tight dialogue. But as with writing a novel, every scene must present conflict and move the story forward. My biggest challenge when starting out was "show versus tell," but once I grasped that concept, it was smooth sailing from then on. By the way, more to come on the screenplay. We're putting together a teaser trailer (I recently finished the script), and I'll soon be scouting Stage 32 actors via the job posting section. Stay tuned!

Lee Chavis

Thanks Daniel! Wow, what a combination! You two must have a lot to talk about!

Kathy Reinhart

That's wonderful, Lee. Keep us posted on your progress.

Frances Macaulay Forde

Yes, please keep us posted. Great to hear about your journey - bends in the road... you're obviously meant to be involved in making films. May the road rise to meet you...

Lee Chavis

Thanks, Frances!

Lina Jones

Congratulations Lee! Wishing you much success!

Lee Chavis

Thanks, Lina!

Larenzo Simmons

I'm excited for you Lee! Keep pushing

Lee Chavis

Thanks, Larenzo! I just checked out your reel on IMDB. Congratulations!

Victoria Girmonde

That's wonderful! I am so happy for you.

Larenzo Simmons

Thanks Lee I hope you enjoyed it!

Lee Chavis

Thanks, Victoria!

Lee Chavis

Hi, Larenzo. I enjoyed it!

Larenzo Simmons

Thanks Lee I appreciate your feedback

Cherrye Vasquez, Ph.D.

Great going. Lee. This has to be exciting times for you! I write children's books. Since bullying and the need for Diversity awareness is so prominent in our schools today, one day I hope to have someone adapt my children's chapter book, Clique, Clique, STOP into a stage or traveling play into our schools. I think it'll make a great project. Best of luck to YOU! Cherrye

Lee Chavis

Thanks, Cherrye! Yes, I'm having fun. I checked out your book on Amazon. Sounds very interesting!

Dianne Greenlay

Lee, as a fellow novelist, I know what an accomplishment this is and I wanted to offer congratulations to you. Many wishes for continued success!

Lee Chavis

Thanks, Dianne!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

It's always weird when that happens. It was meant to be Lee.... there's a reason for everything. Congratulations and all the best.

Lee Chavis

Thank you, Sylvia! Yes, I agree and believe that everything happens for a reason.

Lee Chavis

Thanks, Alle! It'll be really exciting when I see it on the big screen. Of course, the marathon has only just begun.

Amit Kumar Vashisth

Wonderful .. Congratulations :)

Lee Chavis

Thanks, Amit!

Suzanne Lutas

Congratulations Lee. Wish you all the best!

Lee Chavis

Thank you, Suzanne!

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