Introduce Yourself : Hello, my name is Rudy by Rudy Carpio

Hello, my name is Rudy

I am a filmmaker based in London, UK. For the last four years I have been making films with some international film festival success. I have a Bachelor’s degree in film directing where I studied in Norway and Australia. I also have a Masters in film production where I studied at Greenwich University in London. I am currently in the process of post-production for my first feature film “The Generator”, where I am the director, writer and producer. I am very happy to have joined Stage32 and I am looking forward to connecting with all type of creatives.

Rudy Carpio

Thank you so much Aray, I am happy to be here :)

Matt Hurd

Welcome Rudy!

Navid John Namazi

Welcome Rudy! Congrats on the completion of your first feature film! Can't wait to see it at some nearby festivals : )

Shawn Speake

Wow, what an intro! Great to have you with us, Rudy!

Rudy Carpio

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Louis Robert King

Welcome Rudy !!!

Rudy Carpio

Thank you Louis Robert!

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