Introduce Yourself : Hi there! by Shiva Rodriguez

Shiva Rodriguez

Hi there!

Just a Practical F/X Artist and F/X MUA here, working most often in the horror and action genres. Worked in theatre for longer than I can remember, then switched to film in 2008. Since then I've done a ton of shorts, a little TV work, and a few feature films. I'm almost wrapped up on my directorial debut, a feature called "Predatory Moon", which I wrote solely because I always wanted to do an onscreen werewolf transformation using 100% practical effects. I'm always looking for new challenges!

Aaron W. Miller

Shiva, I teach theatre arts but will be teaching film in the fall. I taught myself stage makeup using Corson's amazing "Stage Makeup" book (as well as several trial by fire productions). Can you recommend any resources for film makeup? I've been doing my own research but the end of the year has robbed me of any free time. What brand of makeup do you recommend for film? Are there any books as awesome as Corson's but for film? Any guidance you can give will be greatly appreciated. --Aaron

Shiva Rodriguez

When I do makeup it's usually for monsters and other special effects, so I started with Dick Smith's "Do-It-Yourself Monster Makeup" which is a great primer. For prosthetic makeup, I'd recommend "Techniques of Three-Dimensional Make-Up" by Lee Baygan. I get a lot of my makeup supplies at FX Warehouse (, and I believe they have starter kits for more advanced applications (like gelatin makeups and dental prosthetics) as well. For mold-making and lifecasting, Smooth-On makes very easy-to-use products that are great for beginners. (I buy my casting supplies locally, but I believe you can find Smooth-On products at Once you've got an understanding about the materials, it's just a lot of practice!

Katherine Hon

I LOVE practical effects! I hope I get to work on a film one day with tons of them.

Ken Koh

Hi Shiva. I would love to see your onscreen werewolf, when will you be finished?

Shiva Rodriguez

Hope to be out of post in the fall, but not sure when it will be released to the public.

Ken Koh

Hi Shiva, do you have a website where I can see some of your stuff?

Rebecca Ann Dowty

I love it!

Shiva Rodriguez

Yes, Ken. I also have a demo video on my profile here.

Ken Koh

Wonderful stuff I love it! Thanks for sharing.

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