Introduce Yourself : I feel like such a fraud! by Philip Onions

Philip Onions

I feel like such a fraud!

All my life I have written, but does that make me a writer? I have written books, articles, newsletters, and screenplays. While many of my smaller pieces have been published in small local or specialist periodicals, I have had no success getting my books or screenplays published because frankly, I’ve never really put much effort into that as I have been so busy just surviving. I farm on the edge of Lancashire and South Lakeland in England, I’ve carved a farm out of farmland fiercely held by a tightly knit farming community, I’ve built our house from footings to chimney pot (building the house was the easy bit, you think breaking into film is hard, try getting planning permission in open countryside in the UK), I’ve had laws changed and I’ve shaped Government policy in my time, but all of that was done for my family. Now my family are old enough to make their own way I want to do something for me, now I want to pursue my life long interest in writing, which brings me here…Should a rank amateur like me be allowed on this website full of real professional film people? I feel like such a fraud, but if you good people will have me, I would very much like to stay!

Jennifer Moylan-Taylor

Hi Philip. I think the first step is to believe in yourself. Many people in this industry have gone through major ups and downs and times where they have not been able to focus fully on their passion and I think that's ok. The fact that you are here and that you are open to learning and ready to push on in this industry now is really all that counts. Stage 32 is a fantastic resource for meeting people and learning from the best. I look forward to seeing more of you here and watching your career unfold. Best of luck. :)

Philip Onions

Thank you Jennifer, such kind words. I wish you luck too!

Lorie Jackson

Hi Philip! I'm not sure I can compete on your level. However, I have written things for other people, but I've often felt like "the writer that doesn't write." I'm growing, becoming stronger, and gaining more courage. Recently, I wrote a script for an animated TV, which I'm developing and seeking distribution. While the animators are working I've began researching and developing my next project, which is a feature film. Excited to complete it and see where the journey leads. Looking forward to connecting with you.

Tsara Shelton

You're definitely a writer. You have the need to build, shift, create, grow, and mold coupled with the audacity to change laws and make things happen. And though you've raised a family, grown nourishment, and literally built a home, all while writing and publishing through the years, you still worry and feel like a fraud. Oh, ya, my friend. You are a writer!!! tee hee! Welcome and hello!!! I am also just now putting honest energy into my writing and for the same reason. My sons are mostly grown and it's time I show them what it means to work with passion for your dreams! (Plus, if I don't keep writing and believing in the characters I invent, who are all parts of me, I'll go crazy! Giggle!)

Philip Onions

Tara I know what you mean, writing for me is about letting something out, getting something off my chest. I have to write things everyday, sometimes I just con't go on until I've written down this thought burning in my head. Yeah I'd go crazy too!

S.A. Hussain

Welcome to the jungle Philip, you seem like a determined individual. I'm sure you'll earn your stripes and find yourself home in no time! All the best!

Michael John Berridge

Your life story seems very interesting to me. Perhaps you should write a biography.

Ronald R Bush

What a spectacular name you have. Welcome to the group.

Philip Onions

Glad you think so Ronald, I've always seen it as a curse, but it does have some advantages, sometimes...

Philip Onions

Thanks Michael, perhaps one day when some of my enemies have passed on and I can tell the whole story!

Shawn Speake

Great to see you in the lounges, Philip!

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