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Jon Finger

Introducing Myself

My introduction to my love of production was Video Game Cinematics. Blizzard ignited my interest but since then companies like Epic Games, Blur, PlasticWax, and the Live Action Campaigns for Halo have been fuel to my fire. It wasn't until The Matrix showed me the Game Cinematic style could work for feature films that blockbusters became a dream of mine. Since than Iron Man, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and now (and most directly) Deadpool have inspired me with their adaptation of the fun/gamey spectacle that first inspired me when I was young. A teacher once told me to stop trying to emulate blockbusters and massive cg teams and aim for a more approachable art house film. Unfortunately those types of films just don't inspire my drive. If I never get to make a big budget spectacle I'm going to at least make sure I fought to make the biggest spectacle I can with whatever resources I have.

Matt Hurd

Props to you for knowing and pursuing your passion! All these movies you're mentioning are proof that blockbusters can be spectacles with heart & humor. All the best in your endeavors!

Harper J

Yes! You don't want to be on your death bed thinking about what could have been!

David Ikechukwu Akam

Mr.Jon i think i would be needing you skills soon...what do you think?

Patricia K. Meyer

Great reel! I'm not writing scripts or pilots in your genre, but I applaud your SFX and visuals! Go for it!! Wishing you success...

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