Introduce Yourself : Looking for a feature film script by Payal Davda Mehta

Payal Davda Mehta

Looking for a feature film script

I'm a producer based in India and have run for over 12 years .. we are looking for a feature film script that can be adapted to local milieus. Simply put it needs to be a super-intelligent whodunit or even better howdunit! the audience should be pleasantly surprised but in a non-gimmicky way! I will appreciate receiving loglines to start with! A script that follows the classic cinematic 3 act structure will be even better!

Production House | OTT & Advertising | Content Creation
Production House | OTT & Advertising | Content Creation
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Emily J

Hi Payal Davda Mehta! Welcome to Stage 32, I would love to know more about your company and what you're looking for, if you'd like, you can shoot mean an email at Also, if you hover over 'Browse' and select 'Loglines' from the dropdown, you can actually select filters and look through many of the loglines that are listed on the site from writers from all over the world.

David Santo

Hi Payal!

David C. Velasco

Welcome Payal and I hope you find what you're looking for.

Maurice Vaughan

Great to meet you, Payal Davda Mehta. Are you looking for any genres in particular?

Tasha Lewis

Welcome! Your welcome to review my loglines.

Great way to kick off National Laugh Day on March 19!

Matthew Parvin

Welcome Payal! Nice to meet you. Glad you're here.

Tom Stohlgren

Hi Payal, I just had a smart whodunit produced, and I have several others. I haven't thought about adapting them to India, but I have Indian friends who could help me. Let's connect.

Billy Kwack

Hi Payal, I'm very interested

Wardaan T

Hey, nice to know about your requirement. I can try!

GiGi Raines

Hi Payal! Thanks for your post and telling us more about you are looking for. Emily is the perfect person to connect with!

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