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Mike Harris

Storyboard Mike

As a full-time professional storyboard artist, it's a joy to work with so many creative people in the film, television, video and advertising industries. Having started out in London and then New York, I'm now based in Nashville, TN, but thanks to the internet, I can work with clients from all over the world. Getting ready to storyboard a theatrical movie in early 2015 if all continues on track. See

Storyboard Mike | Home Page
Storyboard Mike | Home Page
Storyboard Mike is a true professional who has the chops to help you make your ideas a reality.
Amanda Toney

Hey Mike! I see you're a Stage 32 veteran and I'm so glad you took the time to reintroduce yourself to all of the new people here. Hope to have many more discussions with you in the lounge in the future :)

Mike Harris

Thanks for the comment, Shannon. I feel so fortunate to be part of the thriving entertainment industry in Nashville, and Stage 32 is a great way for us all to stay connected.

Chistopher Lewis

Hey Mike. Thanks for the reintro. Great to see you aboard. have a Happy Holidays and if you need a voice for anything: Let me know

Mike Harris

Thanks Christopher. Happy Holidays to you too, and to all in E-Town.

Allan Chen

HI Mike. Getting from script to film, is a storyboard compulsory?

Mike Harris

A storyboard is not 'compulsory' but it is one of the most effective ways to (literally) visualize each scene before you shoot. A storyboard helps your entire crew and talent to understand your creative concept in advance so everything goes more smoothly during the usual chaos of the actual shoot. If the budget does not allow for every single setup to be storyboarded, select key scenes that might be challenging for your crew and DP to work on or might require complex pre-production in order to wrap that scene on schedule. Concentrate on storyboarding those scenes.

Mike Harris

Thanks, Kelly. Lets hope we both have plenty of projects AND successes in 2015. BTW, I love some of the 'quotes' posted at your Stage 32 page!

Bruce Kolinski

Hey Kelly. Thanks for a connection to the grunge capital of the world...or is that over now? At any rate it's great to have connections in one of my favorite cities. You folks actually have rain - a precious twice a year event here in Phoenix.

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