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Update - Introduce Yourself

Well; after a bad week of loosing one of my computers with all my latest writings; I have decided to work on another series I have had sitting in the back of mind for a while; at least until I can have my hard drive seen by a professional laboratory. I am now working on a series which will feature a super-heroin named Champion. A fourteen year old daughter of a single scientist father, who is accidentally infested by one of his experiments and given super-hero-esk abilities. Learning that her mom may have not been killed in the field as her and her father were lead o believe; she decides to use her new found abilities to seek the truth and in the mean time, fight for justice; all while attending high school and participating in extracurricular activities.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Oh man! That's the worst, I feel for you. The number of times I lose even tiny bits of my writing I go insane! There's a ton of software out there that could try and restore your HD but it takes long time and specialist labs want your first-born child and an arm for it. Don't want to be captain hind-sight, but what I normally do now is work straight out of dropbox, so that everything's on the cloud, and even my online forms have Lazarus Form Recovery plugin, because as long as I've worked with technology, I know I can't trust it. Good luck!

Elisha Woods

I feel your pain bro always back everything up on 2 external hard drives. That's what I do . I have a back up on a back up. After I put all of my music and screenplays on both externals I unplug the seven days one.

Brian Knight

The drive was brand new; bought to backup my computers before i restore them both... Just got everything backed up when it died (the new drive). If I would have just left everything alone; I would have been good; but... Data Recovery wont work in this case... The drive needs to be rebuilt in a clean-room; the servo is shot... The head just bounces off the wall of the hard drive. I know the data is safe on the drive; i just can't access it... But; i would recommend staying away from Western Digital Hard Drives and anything larger than 2TB. i need to just set up cloud-based backups of my important files.

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