On Writing : Character Notes for Actors by Daisy White

Character Notes for Actors

Just wanted to share something I learnt recently. My audiobook publisher asked for character notes for the actors/narrators and a story arc for them to look at before they auditioned.

Obviously I had my own notes from a writing persepective (it's a series so I have a 3/4 book arc), but I happened to mention the request to a screenwriter friend and she gave me loads of extra advice on writing the notes from an acting perspective so they could get into character. It was super interesting, and ended up with; Character Name/About/Childhood/Physical/Motivation. I had never thought too much about the characters childhood,  other than a few basics, or who was a real main character and who was a  supporting character, so a valuable learning experience!

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Wait... I don't understand... are you saying a "publisher" wanted character arc notes before they listened to your recording? Because that seems really, really bizarre to me.

Daisy White

No, the audio publisher wanted character notes so they could cast the narrator. They already read the book, which was published by another publisher. Sorry, a bit confusing! Maybe I should have said audio producer?

Jeff E. Gregory

I've been told I'm quite the character, but that was some time ago.

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