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Hector Valle

Current update

I have submitted my script to two major network executives through Stage 32. They both gave me high marks on my presentation and both said that they are not interested in my Rom/com adaptation. By the way, Brain Grazer and Ron Howard of Imagine Impact also turned it down.

So... I should quit, right?

If you believe that, leave this platform. This isn't the place for you. I have again submitted to another executive after honing my pitch to see if they want to produce or fund my project.

While I wait for an answer, I started two crowdfunding campaigns to fund either a TV pilot or a film trailer. Because of my efforts, the novel is now #760 in Kindle sales.

When a door closes... kick it down!

Stay tuned!


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Jeff E. Gregory

You should have an agent.

Diego Cantu

That's the attitude Hector...adelante!!

Traveling Ed Teja

Crowdfunding promoted your book?

Hector Valle

No, they didn't promote the novel but I am using the popularity of the novel to get seed money for the TV pilot.

Traveling Ed Teja

I was confused because you said: " Because of my efforts, the novel is now #760 in Kindle sales." So I assumed that referred to the campaigns.

WL Wright

Jo Jo Rabbit got an 8 on the Blacklist, was made 6 years later and every studio turned it down, but one. The writer walked away with an Academy Award.

David P Perlmutter

Hey, I’m an author of 14 books and one of my books, a true story, Wrong Place Wrong Time is becoming a movie. I’ve also written a crime fiction series, Write To Kill and Write To Live, about a debt ridden author, with writers block, who commits a hideous crime, gets paid by a London underground boss, and writes a book about it and that book becomes a bestseller. Readers have suggested it would make a great TV series. I’m looking for a collaboration with a scriptwriter. Would anyone be interested? Many thanks for reading!

Robert Russo

I think that WL Write made a good point. You don't need to score high or get the first person to love your script, but you do need to market that script effectively so the right person will snatch it up.

Daisy White

Great attitude! Let us know how you get on and I also love your honesty in sharing your journey x

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