On Writing : Getting That Old Feeling Back by Aray Brown

Aray Brown

Getting That Old Feeling Back

The first installment of my novel series has been out for awhile and until recently I really haven't felt much like writing another installment, considering I'm also a screenwriter and thoroughly enjoy the craft. I fell back in love with prose writing again after taking a much needed break. It literally took me four days for 3,210k words. My goal is 5k a day. Pray for me

Beth Fox Heisinger

Good for you, Aray. Keep going. You'll get there. :)

Aray Brown

thank you for the support Beth :)

David E. Gates

Sometimes the hardest part is starting. For me, starting to write is difficult because I know once I've started I'll have trouble stopping! Which the boss doesn't like much! LOL.

Aray Brown

I over think too much and try to get it right the second time or at least good . Perfectionist

Anne Pariseau

Congrats Aray at finding your mojo! May it continue to grow. Ahhh, the dreaded perfectionism! I run into that too. It stifles my creativity and drives me batty. Great for that final draft when I want every word spun correctly, but early on it's frustrating. I'm in a rewrite that's causing me the same issues. I keep having to remind myself, "focus on the question at hand, not that sentence".

Aray Brown

Thanks Anne! From your lips to God's ears. yesssss it drives me insane, just have to keep telling myself to just write. one of these days it'll finally sink in. 18 pages in already and am more enthused than when I started, prolly because it's going somewhere ..I'm a sucker for good action. Wil the dreaded perfectionism ever go away? Prolly not. Best of luck with your project and hope all is well

Ellison Wright Baldwin

Congrats on finding your passion for prose writing once again. And believe me, I struggle with perfectionist many times. Best I see to combat against it, is looking at it, for improving upon it, more-so than anything else.

Aray Brown

Thanks for the tip !

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