On Writing : Speaking of Metaphors by Randolph Randy Camp

Randolph Randy Camp

Speaking of Metaphors

One of my readers recently wrote and asked me why do I seem to use metaphors a lot in my novels. I replied with this simple statement, “Metaphors make the reader think from a different angle.” I further went on to explain how I’ve always loved imagery in songs, poems and stories when I was growing up. Listening to the songs on the radio was my first lesson in creative writing. I just loved the way a certain lyric describing a specific object or an event could instantly plant a picture in my mind. To me, that was a powerful thing and I fell in love with creative writing ever since. The beauty of metaphors, for me at least, is that it allows you (the writer) to introduce a serious topic while simultaneously softening your story to make it easier to swallow for your readers. This is what I did in my first book ‘Wet Matches’, a story that covers HIV and teen homelessness. If you are an inspiring author, see if symbolism and metaphors will enhance and make your story more interesting. And please continue writing and don’t ever give up! Believe in your story, and most importantly, believe in yourself! – Randolph Randy Camp

Marla Dean

Metaphors are the icing on the cake. I've never met a metaphor I didn't love.

Fiona Faith Ross

Wonderful post. Resonated with me. Thanks.

Dionne Lister

I think metaphors make for more interesting writing. They give you the opportunity to evoke mood and feeling in a more intense way. I use them a lot too.

Ardua de Potomac

Even Jesus used metaphors!

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