On Writing : THAT stage of writing... by Daisy White

THAT stage of writing...

I always get 30/40,000 words in on my edits and then would literally rather clean the toilets than crack on with the writing. Deadline is end of April and I can't use gin and chocolate as bribes because I'm on a diet. Any tips? Does anyone else struggle with this?

Rutger Oosterhoff

Write your screenplay as if, sentence-wise, you go from shot to shot. Write only what serves the plot; action lines and dialog. Every scene needs a clear PURPOSE in your story. Can you see the image you write? Don't talk the plot! Also possible with 30/40,000 words you simply want to tell too big a story., have too much meat. What really matters to your story? Go back to the logline. Investigate.

David M Stamps

You might consider a tape recorder on your phone. Talk through some of the changes just keep/find the flow state.

Daisy White

Thanks guys that is super helpful. It's a novel, so 90,00 words total, but actually looking at it from a screenwriting pov is really useful. It's crime so needs to crack on and keep interest so especially like the '...every scene needs a clear purpose...' ;-) I've got the flow back now!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Sometimes I like to write on a dry erase board to switch my brain to start thinking in the big picture again. You can do lists, story or character webs, or just whatever gets your wall to become a speedbump. Also, I would agree - definitely consider a POV change. Not just you, but a character POV change. What if one chapter was entirely dedicated to the previous scene/chapter, but from the eyes of another character? Flip that script!

Daisy White

Oooh that's good - thanks Karen. I've got a mix of pov, but really enjoy writing the 1st person chapters. I think it's the end of April deadline that's freaking me out but at least the kids are back at school now!

E. Lamoreaux

I feel this way when I proofread my scripts due to how tedious the process can be. Yet I persevered, possibly because of the satisfaction I would have of finishing another screenplay. Maybe dedication is the trick to carry on.

A. S. Templeton

One cannot pour crude oil into a car's fuel tank and expect the car to start, much less take you anywhere. So it is with story revision. Stop complaining and get on with refining the ms. until it's fit to read (and publish).

Daisy White

Haha I am the queen of procrastination ;-)

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