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Rafael Pinero

DaVinci Resolve 12 Free version

Hello everyone, I am currently using FCP 7 still, I was thinking on moving to Premiere Pro, then I just downloaded the free version of Da Vinci Resolve 12. What are your thoughts between this two programs? Which one do you prefer? I've heard great things about DaVinci, but I'd like to hear your opinion.

Rafael Pinero

Well with the free version you can edit SD, HD and ULTRA HD, have you used it?

Rafael Pinero

Right, I totally understand that, but what I would like to know is if as a stand alone NLE Editing Software, which one is better? Premiere or the new DaVinci Resolve 12

Rafael Pinero

I guess no one is using DaVinci Resolve NLE

Tony Fisher

As far as I was aware Resolve was mainly used for grading, although I have heard of a small number of people that have used it for NLE. I mainly use Premiere pro and Avid for NLE, it really comes down to personal preference if you find Resolve is better suited to your needs then by all means go for it.

S. Mirshamsi

In my opinion It is really depends what project you want to work on. I never use DaVinci Resolve for NLE, but if you have a short video for editing with lots of color grading maybe you can consider DaVinci Resolve. For purchasing a NLE software or working on a big project definitely I recommend Premiere Pro.

Mars Williamson

I use davinci everyday at work for color. I have used the editing features in it while onlining for minor tweaks. While the editing capabilities are way better that any previous iteration I'd say by the next version the editing side will be in more competition. It definitely could be amazing if you are willing to get 3rd party plug-ins (Boris, sapphire etc...) You probably have more editing capabilities with Premiere right now. If you can teach yourself a little speed grade you should be good to go. I'm waiting for the next or next two versions of Resolve to really hone in on editing. They'll definitely get there and the fact that they offer it for free is amazing. The other advantage is that they also just acquired Fusion which is a node-based vfx program they are also offering for free but, for now, premiere may be your best bet. -Mars

Rafael Pinero

Thanks Candice, Thats really helpful, premiere it is

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