Post-Production : First time feature post audio by Danny Villanueva Jr.

Danny Villanueva Jr.

First time feature post audio

I'm getting close to wrapping up my first feature-length film (90 min) and am starting to plan for post production audio. I need sound design, foley, mixing, and mastering. Working on a micro-budget, I've been doing many jobs alone, but audio is not my strength. I decided this is something I need professionally done. The entire budget was $25,000. I hear 10% should go to post audio so that's what I budgeted. I'm wondering what the process of handing off and turnaround is like and recommendations on where to look to get this work professionally done? Thanks!

Matt Muchka

This is going to be dependent on who you find to help you with audio. Often times smaller budget projects can take lower priority than the higher paying jobs, meaning the turnaround may take longer than anticipated.

Lindsay Miernicke

^Agree with Matt. Sound is so important so if there is anything you can move around in your budget to get an individual you are confident in to do this work for you- I suggest it. Pro Tools is the software every sound mixer I've worked with has used, if you can't afford a Sound Mixer and you have an available Producer's credit and can welcome them in, this could help. Good Luck!

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

Foley is going to be the biggest challenge at that price. Also, beware that remixing (adding in new sounds where others are terrible) might also be out of your range.

However, with some genres you can use distorted sound to an effect, and also use music to replace sound.

If I were doing audio post production for your film, I might suggest some re-cuts, to work around bad sound (I've also done writing.)

I've done microbudget audio editing before, and have some software that can fix noise and what not. I'd suggest finding an audio person who also knows music, and putting the two together.

Barry Ryerson

I'm UK based and new to Stage32 but audio post-production is what I do. If you're still looking for help feel free to see my website and get in touch, and if you're already sorted then great!

David Zang

You might already start to work post production audio now, but for next time, you can always contact me, AsparTateSounds, to get a free quote for your project. We can do all above with only $10000 - save your money, your time and delivery in great quality!

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