Post-Production : One Hand Editing by Alise Ambaine

Alise Ambaine

One Hand Editing

Hello :) I have quite often read that to maximise the workflow of editing, you must use shortcuts. I have spastic hemiparesis, and who don't know what it means - I have a paralysis (but not complete) of my hand and to actually use it , I have to actively concentrate to do anything. So my question is - Do you have any advice how to do editing fast (in the most optimal way) using mostly one hand? Hope you have a wonderful day :)

Amanda Toney

Alise, I found a book that might help with the functionality of being one-handed. Maybe it can provide some general tips:

Michael Yurinko

Wacom Pad may work for you. Also look at something called Shuttle Pro V2. It's like a mouse with a jog wheel and programmable buttons. Hope you find something that works for you!!!

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