Producing : Best practices for producers by Michael E. Berg

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Michael E. Berg

Best practices for producers

I've kinda plunged into producing (head first) on a short film and am looking for any advice on best practices to make it go as smooth as possible -- especially when everyone's on set for the shoot schedule. This is my first time acting as a "producer."

Darryl Anka

Hi Michael. I've produced two features now and each film has its own unique challenges. The best advice I can suggest from my experience is to keep things firm (regarding schedule) but light (have fun) on set with crew and cast and stay in a frame of mind that whatever seems to go "wrong" may have unexpected benefits. For example, on our first film, one of our investors fell through after we started shooting. We had to shut down production for a year until we found another investor. Two positive things came out of this: 1. We learned to make the film with less money instead of waiting for more money. This forced us to use a very streamlined, efficient crew and think outside the box. 2. The two actors we didn't care for were replaced a year later with two far better actors who were perfect for the parts. I wish you all the best on your film!

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