Producing : Is it time to disrupt the Hollywood business model? by Henry Pepper

Henry Pepper

Is it time to disrupt the Hollywood business model?

Is it time to disrupt the - remake, sequel, prequel - Hollywood movie making model? Here's more evidence that suggests the answer is yes. Is part of the solution producing, as Cate Blanchett suggests, making more films that appeal to women audiences, producing a much greater variety of films each year by gambling less on the fading 'teenage boy' block buster genre. What do you think?

Number of Frequent Young Moviegoers Plummets in 2013
Number of Frequent Young Moviegoers Plummets in 2013
The number of frequent moviegoers in the all-important 18-24 age group plunged an unprecedented 17% in 2013, according to MPAA annual statistics released Tuesday at Cinemacon, while attendance in the…
D Marcus

I think the entertainment business is a business. If making films that appeal to women gets more people to pay to watch movies that's what the studios will do. Anything to get people into theaters is good for producers.

Minka Wiltz

Hollywood is a brand that most people are still romanticzing because of the history that has shaped much of how the world views America and its people. I agree that the system needs to be restructured but I also believe the reconstruction has already begun with the various online tools and festivals galore. not to mention how many major film studios being built here in the South. I think another question to consider is more about distribution of TRULY innovative content being made by little to unknown filmmakers. I crave a group of visionaries who are committed to consistently creating new work.

Doug Nelson

Hollywood has already disrupted itself with no outside help and a new business model for filmmaking is sprouting. The indie filmmaker industry is still in its infancy – trying to find its legs. I have no doubt that it will grow over time; the question is how – and the jury is still out on that. I favor the local “art House” cinema model that promotes local film production if it can be made an economically viable business that can support local folk. More than half of the American population is female. So I see more women in front of and behind the camera creating films that appeal to a broader female dominant audience. I have no idea how it will play out – but I’m workin’ on it.

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