Producing : Looking for representation by Matthew Paul Jones

Matthew Paul Jones

Looking for representation

Hi friends, I'm a screenwriter crashing the producers lounge - heard the sandwiches were better here. I figure you guys would know agents better than anyone. Can anyone recommend an agent who could make my currently unsolicited material, well, solicitable? (Is that a word?) Bottom line: who would you take a call from? Who has the ear of Image Movers??? Thanks!

Richard "RB" Botto

Agents get material three ways - Clients, recommendations from known entities and, very far down the list, other sources (including unsolicited material). Everything starts with networking. Everything. Now, there are contests out there that give you access to executives. To me, as a screenwriter, those were the only contests I entered before I had representation. And there are other services like our Happy Writers which give you direct access and get you past the no unsolicited material issue. But if you are going to go purely organic, it begins and ends with networking and winning champions. Related, we do have APA and Gersh hearing pitches today Good luck, Matthew!

Matthew Paul Jones

Many thanks RB! Valuable advice.

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