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Robert Destefano

Making the appointment.

In preparation for this years AFM to pitch to a company I was once told I need to have an A-List actor to sign on for a feature project that is still in development which begs the question: Since it's impossible to simply call an agency like CAA (for example), how do people get in contact with an agent or manager to make an appointment to have a sit down meeting with an actor about such a feature project? I'm assuming IMDB pro would be a suitable route to get in contact, is that possible? Please let me know, it would be a great help. Thank you!

Stacee Myers

Hello, Yes, IMDb Pro is the perfect place to go for contact information for A-list celebrities. Usually, celebrities post their representatives personal phone (work phone, of course) and/or email onto their page. For Example: This is a snippet from Margot Robbie's IMDb Pro Page. She is currently ranked No. 1 for most unique clicks this week. Representatives: Jxxxx Fxxx (representatives email; not CAA info email) Hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

Regina Lee

Hi Robert, I don't have time to get into the specifics of making offers... You won't be "making an appt to have a sit down meeting with an A-list actor." You will need to submit an exclusive offer. If the agent or the actor likes the script, you may first have a phone call, meet the agent, jump through hoops, etc., before having a meeting with the talent.

Regina Lee I haven't read the whole thread, but this was a similar discussion.

Robert Destefano

Stacee: Thanks I'll see if that would be a possible route. Regina: Thank you so much for your help and input! I understand how difficult the process may sound so I will read the link you had provided me to gain some insight. Thanks again!

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