Producing : Move over Vessel and Youtube Red by Jeff Lyons

Jeff Lyons

Move over Vessel and Youtube Red

Amazon has entered the self-service video space big time. Now content creators can share ad revenue, join Prime's catalogue, distribute videos worldwide to Amazon's video hub subscribers (tens of millions)... and make money. Great time to be a producer.

Amazon Launches YouTube-Like 'Video Direct' Service, Allows All Creators To Monetize Their Videos
Amazon Launches YouTube-Like 'Video Direct' Service, Allows All Creators To Monetize Their Videos
has today unveiled Amazon Video Direct (AVD), a program that will enable any and all video creators to post content to the company's Video hub - which includes the tens of millions of subscribers for…
Dan MaxXx

feels like a "Ponzi" scheme for online content :)

Jeff Lyons

Hey, it's Amazon...

Brian Walsh

Isn't that basically just another youtube?

Jeff Lyons

Basically, but it looks like it's more competitive in some ways ... but very similar to youtube red and all the stuff. Point is... more avenues for producers to create and distribute indie programming. All part of the growing sea change in distribution. and yes... Amazon will make tons of money... but distributors always make most of the money... they always will. Point is... channels are growing for indies. It's a good thing.

Axel Ricke

I personally are a bit disappointed by their payment plan. Sure they provide a strong platform with global reach, but keeping 50% of revenue from sales and rentals seems unreasonably high and six cent per streamed hour (!) of content is ridiculous. Amazon had the chance to really get ahead in the highly competitive market for premium web video, but this meagre offering will not get many top creators to move from YouTube to Amazon. Re-financing your investment in premium web content is still the #1 problem for producers and creators, so Amazon would have had a unique chance to fill this gap.

Nicholas Jordan

Axel Ricke ▬ there is a solution to that, which I call the T-Shirt marketing scheme. I spent like $800 with the whole ad-words and all that, ended up with one person whom was interesting and talking to me on e-mail. It is an understatement to call the whole arena competitive. The services are well adapted to do the work , yet making it work is well like I would be amazed if they can keep it in operation at 0.50 ~ that is ROI on Lottery and they do well. Amazing works are produced and run millions of views on You Tube, but dare the not get into what it takes to distribute proceeds from ad-banners. It can be done but I would want a cover on the Disclosure that says some strange things.

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