Producing : Television Deal Sheets? by Madalyn McKay

Madalyn McKay

Television Deal Sheets?

Question for the lovely Stage 32 hive mind. I am a first time producer. The Web Series that I am producing received an offer from a small cable TV Station for Broadcast in September. Our lawyer told me that I need to get a "Deal Sheet" from the station. Do any of you lovely people have any knowledge of deal sheets and what one should look like? An example of one would be lovely. If you want to contact me privately my email is Thank you so much.

D Marcus

Easy to find with a Google search. So I'm guessing you don't want what you found there. Since your lawyer tells you you need one from the station perhaps he can request one from them.

Madalyn McKay

Thank you for responding the Deal Sheets I found through search were all for Real Estate or venture capital. I was thinking entertainment would be different. Am I wrong in that assumption?

D Marcus

I have never heard of a "Deal Sheet" when it comes to TV and I've been in TV for... Well... a while... ;) Your lawyer would know better what he feels you need. You've received an offer from the cable station. I can't help much because there isn't enough information. I assume the offer came with some information and you have clearly spoken to your lawyer about. I'm thinking the lawyer and the station is a better source of accurate info than here. A contract will be needed. I'm sorry I can't help. Perhaps someone else here can.

Madalyn McKay

D. thank you so much for your help.

Shaun O'Banion

Deal Memo, perhaps?

Eric Ehrhardt

Reminds me of Snipe Hunting,, for some reason ...

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