Producing : What about TRANSMEDIA/Multi-Platform production? by Jonathan Kramer

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Jonathan Kramer

What about TRANSMEDIA/Multi-Platform production?

I'm somewhat shocked that I rarely if EVER see anyone mention storytelling across multiple platforms, i.e. Transmedia. If there are any other organizations like ours in this community who understand that success means innovation/next generation thinking, we'd love to know who you are and what you're up to. There's a HUGE opportunity to immerse an audience rather than have them simply be passive. The deeper we engage and affect and audience the more interesting we make our content and more importantly the more INTERESTED the audience becomes.

Laurie Ashbourne

I agree, but I think for the most part it is because the term Transmedia is misunderstood as a licensing ploy to retell the same story across multiple channels rather than expand the story world into the channels that best support the expanded components. The familiarity is growing but the possibilities are endless.

Jonathan Kramer

Yes Laurie.. I would agree in many respects though with Storyteller conferences and the rapid growth of technologies that are incorporated in a Transmedia Story Bible this too shall change.

Daren Smith

Looking to create "photo-graphic novels" out of photos our on set photographer takes. Turn it into a story, sell it as a graphic novel. Also thought about having a narrative web series of the behind the scenes, more like a mockumentary starring the crew, but lightly scripted with some twists and turns to make it fun for fans and for the crew. Maybe more interesting than "just" a weekly vlog/update.

Daren Smith

Also planning on an in-world tumblr written by one of our characters for our next movie.

Jonathan Kramer

These are creative ideas Daren.. Have you been studying Mike Jones, Lance Weiler, Nuno Bernardo or other pioneers in transmedia? The Storyworld is the key to any successful transmedia project as I'm sure you know.. Great work!

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