Anything Goes : Intersted in collaborating in film production by Amanda J Fleming

Amanda J Fleming

Intersted in collaborating in film production

I have a production company which I want to expand to indi film, is anyone interested in collaborating?

Bob Harvey-Jenner

Hi Amanda, I have two strands that might be of interest to you at some point, photography and representation of a brilliant young composer. Perhaps we should meet anyway and I can give you more info. Look forward to hearing from you and good luck in any event. Bob

Mike Lenaghan

Hi there is a regarding a 'script' Use the basic 5Ws but put them into a order that makes its own story - a 'tag-line' of no more than 100 words. U seem them in most publications about a movie or TV series. If U are unable to cover the what, when, where, who & why in a 100 words that tells the story, U do not have a script. Once U have the above under control, the next is a 'treatment' - should not be more than five pages per 'W' The one 'W' - the what happened, what was the result may be all five pages - the 'W' in the where, might only be one page - as the whole exercise is in one place/time. Hope the above might assist. Only once these two basic steps have beem achieved do we talk about doing the first of five scripts. The rule of the first script is to create a page for each minute of screen time - maximum of two hours - 120 pages. Once read - then the hard work of revision, re-writing, and making it a financial success by the final script for submission of about one hundred pages which could be adjusted and used to make a movie. Emjoy the experience and let me see your 'tag-line'. Mike Lenaghan Consortium Executive Officer - all hours: +27-829666530 Global Audio Visual Village The LOT Nelson Mandela Bay Eastern Cape Province South Africa E-mail: Mike Lenaghan Consortium Executive Officer - all hours: +27-829666530 Global Audio Visual Village The LOT Nelson Mandela Bay Eastern Cape Province South Africa E-mail:

Mike Lenaghan

The bottom line is collaboration join GAVVLOT as a Independent Contractor U are participate in all possible productions & have the opportunity of coordinating the production

Amanda J Fleming

Thanks Bob, and thanks Mike I understood your second message but I must admit , I was a little confused about your first one :)

Amanda J Fleming

actually has anyone got any ideas as to which area of the UK I should based the company, areas which may have a lot of funding for these things, or should I stick the area where I was originally brought up ?

Gil Luna

Hi Amanda...I'm always interested in a collab. Let me know any details of import and we'll chat. I found this when looking at UK information for funding. You might take this up. Cheers! ~g

Charles Rule

What do you have in mind? Allow me to send you 'Confession' for a bit of dark humor?

Paul Houston

I have a documentary series mini-bible called Journey into Space. It chronicles the efforts of an aspiring team of technicians to test and prove new technology for space exploration for a new generation of viewers. It is a NASA meets MythBusters approach to space port and manufacturing facility on the campus of a production studio. This is in line with a docu-style television series. Wishing you well.

Captain Tonz

Pirate films seem to be 'in' at this time, so for anything Pirate call me in.

Nelson Hendler MD, MS

I have two completed scripts easily adapted to indy films. I have competed 4 films in the past, two with John Saxton, one with William Shatner (Capt Kirk), telling of Eric VanDanikin tales, one with 4 Academy Award nominees, Please email me at for 4 page synopsis of each story.

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