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Anything Goes : Scripty training by Kamala Lane

Kamala Lane

Scripty training

How does one go about trying their hand at script supervising? Can you be successful at it without having studied film or completing a film program? I'm a writer and I'd eventually like to direct. I have no formal training and I feel as though getting scripty experience would help. Thoughts?

Bob Schultz

Take a class or read a book on how to be a scripty, then find a low budget indie shooting near you (check Stage32 or Craigslist for casting calls, etc.). Contact the producers and offer your services for free. It stinks to work for free, but on a low-budget indie, any extra hands on the set will be valuable and you will start building your network of filmmakers for the future. I hope this advice helps, and good luck!

Karen Keslen

Everything needs training. As writer, I read many novels, screenplays or material about it. Always good continue learning.

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