Screenwriting : A Good Line A Day Keeps the _________ Away. (Or, what would DFW do?) by Lesa Babb

Lesa Babb

A Good Line A Day Keeps the _________ Away. (Or, what would DFW do?)

"...hands the size of a grown man's thumb..." David Foster Wallace Incarnations of Burned Children Struggling through another draft of a treatment for hire, on a deadline, the right book fell open at the right time. Made me see how I am focusing on the rules, rather than the writing. Reading DFW reminds me that the emotional content of the scene is what matters. The concrete details don't. " anger at the Mommy... just starting to gather in whisps at his mind's extreme rear and still hours from expression." Revered and reviled, the man was a master of his craft. Inspiring, always!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

"Doctor " as in if you don't keep writing you will need one!!

Jack Vandagriff

"reader's bad script notes" away.

Bill Costantini

RIP, David Foster Wallace. I don't know if you saw The End of the Tour, but it's a great film. Jason Siegal and Jesse Eisenberg are great actors, too.

Lesa Babb

Hey Bill - Yes, I saw it... (several times!) To see it in a theater, I had to drive 25 miles. It was so good I saw it three more times. Jason Siegel's transformation blew me away - totally deserved a nod. And Jesse Eisenberg is well, Jesse Eisenberg.

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