Screenwriting : Baseball by Roberto Dragonne

Roberto Dragonne


I'm writing a TV pilot about a baseball player (fictitious), and I'm wondering how hard is to get the MLB permission to use the teams' logos on the story. It's important to consider that I'm Mexican.

Anthony Cawood

Roberto, I'm pleased that you are Mexican (my Sister-in-Law is) but not sure why this would be important to the rest of your question?

Kerri Philpott

I think it may depend on the team. I remember reading somewhere that Daniel Stern said he quite easily got permission from the Chicago Cubs to use them in Rookie of the Year.

Shelley Stuart

It doesn't matter one darn bit. Just write your story. If you produce it, then you can worry. But for words on the page... just tell the story.

Regina Lee

It really depends. For example, maybe the pilot is about a high school baseball player, and there's an MLB logo in one scene. That would simply require a clearance. ( Or for example, maybe the pilot is about a New York Yankee, playing in multiple games over the season. That may require some kind of league and team partnership, and it's an entirely different matter. In any case, it will depend on how MLB is portrayed. Good luck!!

Roberto Dragonne

Anthony, I mentioned it because I think that maybe it's harder for a foreign writer to have that kind of permission from MLB. Kerri, great! Good to know, thanks. Shelley, great advice, I will keep writing. Regina, thanks for the information and the link. Again, thanks to everyone.

Philip Sedgwick

An excellent and comprehensive book on the subject: Clearance & Copyright, Everything You Need to Know for Film and Televison, Michael C. Donaldson and Lisa A. Callif of Donaldson & Callif in LA.

Roberto Dragonne

Thank you Philip! I will look for it.

Philip Sedgwick

It's worth every penny!

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