Screenwriting : Best HORROR scripts to read by Chas Franko Fisher

Chas Franko Fisher

Best HORROR scripts to read

Just embarking on my first ever horror screenplay (after having written in a number of other genres). Given how large a role music and camera choices play in making horror movies scary, I'm interested in reading a few great horror screenplays to get a feel for how the greats/pros do it. Recommendations?

Steven Harris Anzelowitz


William Martell

All of them. You can learn from bad scripts as well as good ones.

Chas Franko Fisher

Thanks for the thoughts Bill and I completely agree but what I am trying to find out is whether good ones make the reader feel scared while reading and if so how. Bad scripts are just going to teach me how not to do that particular thing. Got any good horror scripts you recommend?

Regina Lee

STRANGERS by Bryan Bertino is educational. You read it, and you're like, "Will these strangers in these masks be scary when the movie is shot?" And imo, the execution was in fact scary. For multiple reasons, it's so hard to create/write/execute a truly scary bad guy.

Chas Franko Fisher

Thanks Regina. Will give it a read.

Kerry Douglas Dye

May or may not be useful depending on the sort of flick you're writing, but Dan O'Bannon's Return of the Living Dead is a great read, if you can track it down.

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