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Screenwriting : Bi-Polar script writing. by Raymond (Ray) Scanlon

Raymond (Ray) Scanlon

Bi-Polar script writing.

Wondering if anyone else does this. I work on about 4 different scripts at once. One is a full feature, 2 are shorts and one is a webs series. I say it's due to my bi-polar writing nature. Yes in real life I am a little bi-polar, but what artist isn't? I work on one depending on the feeling for that day. If I wake up gloomy, I usually work on a murder mystery or horror. If I wake up in a great mood, I work on fantasy and something with a positive lesson. Any other mood is a toss up. The only thing I can write in all my "moods" is comedy, but the mood of the humor is always different.. But always funny. ;} Tell me your thoughts and the way your writing style is.

John Edgerton

Hi Raymond, Several times, I've worked on two script at the same time: a comedy on one end, through my comical insanity and a drama or action adventure on the other end, for the fantasy hero in me. Drama's can sometimes become so depressing while you are involved writing them and a good comedy on the other end can balance things out.

Raymond (Ray) Scanlon

I sometimes write myself into a better mood if that makes any sense. Seems like I am going to have a panic attack every time I am on the last few pages.

James Peters

I feel your pain. I too, have three scripts going on at the same time. I could be writing one, go in the kitchen for a glass of milk and come back and start writing on another...it's crazy - but I accept it. My secret is that I try not to get up (bathroom breaks are the exception), if I do - I run my ass off.

Allison Bruning

I have the same problem. But that's a great problem because it means you always have work to sell.

Anthony Cawood

I work on 2 or 3 shorts at any one time, I'm often working on one when I'll get an idea for one of the others and swap over.

Raymond (Ray) Scanlon

I wouldn't trade it for anything.. just thought it sets us aside from the rest of the world. :}

Anthony Cawood

Sure does, I like being different ;-)

Allison Bruning

What a boring world it would be if we were all the same.

Anthony Cawood

Oh so true.

CJ Walley

Like Raymond I actually find writing helps me balance my mood.

Antonia Jones-Hackley

I might be the only person here that writes by the force... Of course I'm kidding but I generally look over my list of ideas and what ever jumps out at me I start writing on it and if there is a genuine flow I stick with it until I burn out, then I switch to something else. By switching gears like that, I always come back to my stories with new energy and more creativity. This type of rotation, for me, always has something going and the best thing is they all will complete around the same time. I can afford to be strange!

Mortus Invictus Films

I write in pieces, I have to figure out all the details i want so the story can flow better for a visual assault on the reader. I have hiccups now and then, Due to Dyslexia, But i tread on.-NCF

Allison Bruning

LOL! Antonia. I think I have done that a time or two.

Raymond (Ray) Scanlon

@ Kathryn .. I think we may have been cut from the same cloth lol

Robin Harris

I have several books in progress and sometimes I get them confused, I seem to get down to the last turning point and get an idea for something else which takes me off on another adventure. I do eventually find my way back to completing things but I feel better knowing it's not just me.

Michael L. Burris

Maybe it is just because contentment and focus seems creatively suppressive. I got a lot of projects too no need to list them. With that said I do take up to a couple of weeks to complete and refine something from time to time. At times I wish I had a team just to run with my creative ideas.

Phillip "Back From The Dead" Hardy

My father was a major bipolar and his book of poetry was originally called "Moods I've Known, the Troubled Mind". He was a tremendous poet in whether high or low. My style is to write fast and creatively. I like to get in a groove and write my scripts in 2/3 weeks. I do a few read throughs to clean up and remove non value added dialogue or narrative. Then I move on to the next thing.

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