Screenwriting : CPR misconceptions by Ellen Vander Heyden

Ellen Vander Heyden

CPR misconceptions

Since I am a lifeguard and a writer, and I take both very seriously, I'd like to share a blog post that I made concerning 3 of the biggest misconceptions about CPR that I've experienced when reading. I believe that one of our values as a screenwriter is INFORMING our public. And offering them the right information about topics this grave could turn a life and death situation around. So please take the time to - if you are not already - get informed somewhere on the correct ways to write down a CPR scene. Thank you.

3 common misconceptions about CPR.
3 common misconceptions about CPR.
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Amanda Toney

Thank you Ellen!

Ellen Vander Heyden

You're most certainly welcome :)

Owen Mowatt

Thanks for that Helen! You`ve just solved a problem I had in my script. I though people woke straight up after restarting their heart. Nice one!

Kristopher Rickards

Another error I've noticed is the five chest pushes, two breaths technique that we learned in swimming classes in the 1980s. The fire service in the UK now recommend 30 quick succession chest pushes, then two breaths.

Ellen Vander Heyden

Right now, the common technique is indeed 30-2. BUT: if you have a drowning victim, start with 5 breaths before jumping in to the 30-2 cycle.

K Kalyanaraman

Interesting, Ellen. Thank you!

Kristopher Rickards

Cheers, Ellen. Like you say, many people learn from films & TV, even if it is fiction. I'd like to see many lives saved, because they saw it on [INSERT BLOCKBUSTER HERE]

Franzeska Dickson

Can't blame that one on fanfic, I'm afraid. I have yet to see a realistic cpr scene in any piece of entertainment, professional or otherwise.

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