Screenwriting : Call for Psychological Thrillers by Taner Tumkaya

Taner Tumkaya

Call for Psychological Thrillers

LA based production company seeking Psychological Thrillers for possible option or production this year. Limited location and small cast is a must. Kidnapping, interrogation, escape, found footage, chase, isolation, supernatural and any theme around these ideas are welcome. Think along the lines of Funny Games, Two-Minute Warning, Dear Wendy, Dr. Strangelove, Cape Fear, Interview, Cube and alike. Please send loglines, short synopses or concepts directly to

D Marcus

Are you paying? Have you made any movies we could see?

Eoin O'Sullivan

Can you give an idea of budget?

Taner Tumkaya

budget is low, dangling between $100-150k with the right script can be done a lot with it.

D Marcus

Are you paying the writer? Have you made any movies we could see?

Taner Tumkaya

Hey D, everybody will be paid. This will be my first feature length.

Wade Taylor

What sort of length/runtime are you looking for in this feature? I would be very interested in writing something for your team.

James Cisneros

I've got a project about a serial killer - it is a trilogy actually. Is there someone we need to contact in particular? Thank you - I also just sent to a producer in Texas. I appreciate this very much.

Michael J. Citak

James, that awesome you say that... your project is about a serial killer.... and a trilogy... my story is as well. this is the teaser trailer I edited tonight to start a new crowdfunding season... Is your killer based on a real one, or a story you fabricated?

Michael James

Whats more psychologically mind bending than an alien abduction? "Roswell: The Beginning" is a contained thriller with minimal locations and cast. It takes place in the deep underground military bases known as DUMBs, Area 51 and Dulce Base sits atop of these miracles of technology.

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