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Abdul Rahman

Collaboration Finding..

Hi all :) I normally write short stories and short novels. I am willing to start screenwriting. But for that I thought I can get help from screenwriter friends here. Thing is I have a few short story ideas. As a initial step, I am willing to convert those ideas into short film scripts. If any of you here can listen my story ideas and guide me in screenwriting them it will be of great help. If willing do inbox or comment or we can connect through facebook or other platforms. Looking forward.

Erik Grossman

Hey Abdul! If you're looking for some guidance, we offer a slew of classes that can teach you exactly what you're looking for.

Tony Cella

If you want to swap screenplays, send me a message. I'm happy to offer critiques if you're open to critiquing as well.

Maroun Rached

I'm not a big expert, but I did finish some screenplays: I can help you with a few basic tips. Also the internet is full of resources for learning the right screenwriting format: for example, you can google "write phone call screenplay" and you'll get a lot of examples with INTERCUT, etc. ...

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

Abdul - A few tips. Any short film which I have liked did the following: 1 - Introduced the central conflict of the story FAST and if possible, visually, not in dialogue. 2 - Had some twist on the basic conflict about half way through. 3 - Had a lot of visuals and minimal dialogue throughout 4 - Had an ending which made sense in terms of what came before and which topped off the story. A bit glib and general, rather than specific, but even so, I hope it's of help.

Brian Knight

Hi Abdul; I am new here; and new to screenwriting... I had written what I thought was an actual script for NCIS and Star Trek TNG a few years ago; but until I wanted to do it seriously; I was not aware of all the rules. This site has helped a bunch.with my newest project. Wish you the best of lick.

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