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Eboni Dunbar

Contests worth doing

Saw this guide and thought of you all :). What do you think of this list? Are these the places you're submitting to? If not, why not and where are you looking instead.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

I'm going to enter the Nicholl, Austin and Scriptapalooza this year.

Eboni Dunbar

Thanks Lisa! I definitely here you. That's why I was asking about people's experiences with competitions and what criteria they look for when choosing a competition. I did Nicholl's last year on a whim (knowing I wasn't likely to place) and want to consider being more strategic this time around. Jean-Pierre: Awesome! Why'd you decide those over anything else? Brand name or other factors? :) Thanks to both of you for responding!

Stacy Gentile

Nicholl, Austin, 32, Script Pipeline and Final Draft (whenever that one is)

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Nicholl, because it's Nicholl. I actually thought Bluecat and Page were over Austin. Very shocked at that, but since Blucat is closed I'll go with Austin. And it's cheaper than most. And I placed in Scriptapalooza with my teleplay and my friend almost won it with his feature, so it's always been on my good guy list.

Hal Russek

Any thoughts on Slamdance?

Jerry Doubles

Nicholl + ****

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