Screenwriting : Corruption of Ideas by Aamir Anjum

Aamir Anjum

Corruption of Ideas

when I decide to write something , its usually based on Impulse . I start to ponder over the issue , the story line and the characters to make my first "mind draft" . But after a chat with my friend and listening to advice of screen writers I have been confused and skeptic over the methodology suggested . Writers suggest to read books related to the issues , documentaries , news articles and anything that may sound similar to your theme. But I certainly have a problem with this advise, according to me its like picking words from different sources and then arranging them to make it logical . What about the purity of my Idea, it just got corrupted .

David M Hyde

In my opinion, your story is your story and you should stay true to your idea. Once you have the idea down on paper you can start looking at it critically for structure, character arc, etc., and make changes in the rewrite to fix problems in any of those areas. But story is king, and your story is what makes the idea unique.

CJ Walley

Anything that fuels your creativity is a good thing. If immersing yourself in the world your story relates to inspires you with new ideas or progressive rethinking at the planning stage, then go for it. But only if it genuinely does. If you're the kind of writer who can fall foul to second guessing your instinct and find it kills the essence of your idea then it's probably wise to stay away. There's no universal right or wrong in my opinion.

Lee Gabel

Do whatever helps you tell your story in the best way possible. Sometimes research, whether that's from books or live experiences, is necessary for accurate depiction.

Aamir Anjum

Thanks all....

louis phillips

Is that really about the task...and why is screenwriting, different, to writing. the core is the same. Something is not borrowed but felt. In fact. where do things begin.With you? Or are you a reitteraator or a revsionist, a person found in the safe ground or, someone elses thinking. Personally I would rather be poor. [I have been rich. And its almost a joke to say...but i would rather be poor.] Better to die being who you know you are, [maybe you cant take it any other way? So its easy.

Cherie Grant

All writing these days is borrowed. You may not remember, but you will have seen or read it elsewhere and been influenced.

Aamir Anjum

Cherie getting influenced on a sub conscious level is logical and natural . You cant just shut your mind window because of the fear of getting it corrupted or influenced . But reading or researching on someone else s matter is consciously copying .

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