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Judith Grace Bassat


What do people think of Coverfly? Is it useful?

Julian Martin

I used to be a big Talentville user, but while my script has been sitting there for a month waiting for someone to review it, I was able to get two reviews from Coverfly in two weeks. Like with any review system, it’s subjective but as long as people put forth an honest effort I can gain something from their input. A smart affordable step before paying for coverage or entering contests, you should be able to get an idea of what people think of your script if you get 2-3 reviews.

Judith Grace Bassat

What about their lists and rating system? Do they have any clout anywhere?

Dan MaxXx

IT tech dude reinvented the script services business. Good for him. As for helping writers, there are plenty of true believers versus "it's bullshit" non-believers.

Judith Grace Bassat

Is the Black List making changes in response to the Coverfly model?

Jenna H

The Peer to Peer review / request review is pretty cool! I use both Coverfly and The Black List -- the "free" options....

Doug Nelson

Not much.

Julian Martin

Jenna, what is Black List’s free option?

Jenna H

They list your profile and loglines....

Julian Martin

Ok, I’ve heard about this and haven’t been able to do it, and I’ve asked around and nobody seems to know how either. The only thing I can get to show up on my Black List profile is the one script I’m hosting (my comedy Poppycock). Any tips would be appreciated!

Kiril Maksimoski

Got 79 points on one of my short scripts didn't even knew was there. I've now posted my newest feature...we shall see :)

Judith Grace Bassat

Yes, I didn't even know that I had placed in a contest until I saw it on my Coverfly page. I guess I missed the contest's email.

Jenna H

Julian - I had that issue as well....but....I stopped hosting my script and then added back loglines for 3 separate projects. Nit sure what the work-around is if you want to continue to host a script....

Joe Thayer

Coverfly system seems a bit weighted to me. You need to get lots (at least five) of coverage or contest entry results before you really can get a decent score. So in that sense it's a significant investment (In coverage and contests) before you can ever rise near the top. And that's if you do very well in those contests/coverage. So if you're entering anyway and getting coverage anyway, it's fine - as a bonus, if you do really well you 'could' be seen by someone interested in your script.

I have a script on there, with 4 recommends, and a contest placement and still my score is only a 417 (not enough to show on any list or board). Then there is the question of who is even viewing the lists (If you get on them). Are there real success stories? I don't know.

Last thought, as a way to track coverage and contest entry/results, its a good tool. In my opinion.

Hope any of that helps,


Julian Martin

Oh, wow, I just got an email from Black List explaining the new system. I’ll have to see if it works when I get home!

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