Screenwriting : Decisions, decisions… by Rome Me-o

Rome Me-o

Decisions, decisions…

Hello everybody!!! This is my very first question I have posting here on Stage32. Well, I have completed a pilot script (fully registered with the WGAw and copyrights) and have two more underway. So, what now? I have decided to take many angles, one in which is to find representation as a screenwriter. What has your experiences been with query letters, frustrations, declines, and acceptances? How tough has it been to find a agent to represent you? Any insight helps! Thank you everybody!

James M. Denton

I have written many query letters and either been rejected or did not receive a response. It is frustrating, but you have to channel that frustration in to determination. Don't let rejection beat you down. Instead let it motivate you to try harder. Easier said than done I know, but the minute you let rejection defeat you, is the same minute you unwittingly retire from screenwriting.

Rome Me-o

Well put James.

Brad Brown

If this is your first script then it will be terrible as compared to established writers. Find ways to become a better writer. An agent wants quick and easy money not a work in progress.

Joe Trlica

Not necessarily terrible. She may have a first great script if she is an excellent writer, knows the rules, and is a bit lucky!

CJ Walley

Rome Me-o, firstly congrats on completing your first script dude. Certainly don't be pushed into thinking it's terrible. A good way of marketing yourself to managers is to try and gain some supportive validation that you can use within your query. Competition wins, blacklist scores, coverage quotes etc.

Cherie Grant

I have to agree with Alle here (and well everywhere) I see so many people write their first script and think they should start getting that out. You don't become a great carpenter after you build your first shelf. same with writing. I wouldn't worry about looking for representation at this point. I'd enter some contests first and write some more.

Rome Me-o

These are all amazing responses. Alle, enjoyed your "sugar-free" response. The brutal reality of this business must always be factored. I welcome an environment that will challenge me creatively. Cj, thank you for your uplifting words! Thank you everybody!

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