Screenwriting : Does it make sense to send scripts to producers? by Xenia Alter

Xenia Alter

Does it make sense to send scripts to producers?

Hello everyone, just had a chat with local (Bulgaria) producer and he said: "Don't ever waste your time writing scripts, submit logline and treatments only". Is that true for global and US industry?

Geoff Hall

Xenia Alter in a word, no. A Producer should want to see that you have scriptwriting talents. All they may be interested in there, is to purchase - if they’re reputable - a concept and then find their own writer. Always go into a meeting fully loaded.

Maurice Vaughan

Hi, Xenia Alter. Producers usually want scripts. If a writer submits a logline or treatment and the producer likes the project, the producer might ask for a script. If the writer doesn't have a script, it'll be a missed opportunity.

Alicia Vaughan

Hi Xenia, I get where the producer is coming from. Maybe he was a writer himself.

But yes we as writers need to have a fully written script and to be taken seriously, we should have more then one script.

Dan Guardino

You need permission to send a screenplay to a producer and you better have it ready to send.

Dan MaxXx

Lazy producer. Wants to read the minimum. We all wish a producer prepays for a full script by just reading logline.

writers with track records can sell by submitting loglines & treatment pitches. Like you dont normally ask top actors to audition. You just submit them offers 'cause top talent has the leverage.

William Greenberg

Wow I thought your profile pic was Milla Jovovich from the Fifth Element at first (with different color hair) Very cool !

Xenia Alter

Thanks everyone for sharing your experience!

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Xenia Alter.

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