Screenwriting : Doudou first steps! by Thomas Guyot

Thomas Guyot

Doudou first steps!

Hey everyone! Hope you're doing great and keep the writing going!

My first screenplay "Doudou", a four-quadrant movie, is a Finalist of the ScreenCraft Family Screenplay Competition. I never expected to go that far on a contest and feel reassured about what I'm doing.

Logline: A young orphan girl carrying the hopes of finding a new family, bonds with a talking stuffed toy, which happens to have the spirit of a lost boy living inside it.

I'm currently working on a lookbook of the story to send with my query letter to potential agents or producers any time soon. Giving me more chance to be read with visual elements (merci John Harden for lookbook examples). I also submitted a written pitch here at Stage32 and waiting for review. Thanks for the opportunities that they offer us! Let's just keep exploring all the possibilities and if you have ideas to be "see/read", I'm listening! I don't know what to think about the Black List any thoughts? I was thinking about ImdbPro to make contacts more easily.

It's been a long ride, but a great one. You know, writing, putting your soul out there, still dreaming like a kid, wishing to the stars for that precious moment to come. My second draft "The Imaginary House" is almost ready for coverage. I grin and beat it waiting for the next adventures to come when will be pandemic-free.

Wishing you all the best in your projects, ideas and stories! Take care y'all

Kacee Diehl DeMasi

Thomas Guyot Congrats - I love your logline,. Yes, I feel you about the journey and using our imagination just like I was a child. Love it all. I love creating characters and all my stories are family-friendly. There are lots of producers on Linkedin as well which might help.

Sebastian DiGirolomo

I like the logline

Erik A. Jacobson

Congrats on being a finalist. Keep your expectations reasonable. Black List might be a stretch at this point. Make sure to use spell-check regularly in your work, whether sending query letters, look books or even writing posts. Misspellings are so easy to fix and can give readers a bad first impression.

Thomas Guyot

Kacee Diehl DeMasi What a wonderful journey! Oh yeah, good idea too for Linkedin

Erik A. Jacobson I'm fully aware that screenwriting contest doesn't open that much doors but feels more like an encouragement. I do use proofreading and polishing services for all my works it goes without saying as a native french speaker. I still have some progress to be made on that front and will do my best for the writing posts, thanks for the advise Erik

Doug Nelson

Congrats on your achievement, I suspect you're happy as a clam at high tide (but don't let it go to your head).

Jeffrey Milne

Congrats on your work

Barry John Terblanche

Great logline. Congrats, and all the best forward.

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