Screenwriting : Hell or high water script - WOW! by Martina Cook

Martina Cook

Hell or high water script - WOW!

Hello, peeps! Just finished reading "Hell or high water" script and OMG! That must be one of the best scripts I have ever read...I highly recommend it...Any script you were really impressed with? Thanks!

Matt Bailey

John August and Craig Mazin just did a whole podcast re: Unforgiven. Check it out.

Matt Bailey

If you dug the HOHW script also check out Place Beyond the Pines

Martina Cook

I'll check both, thanks!

Dan MaxXx

Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Cinematic descriptions. Minimum dialogue.

Kevin Carothers

Cast Away.

It's a miracle of cinematic technique and description. Catch the directors comments if you can. Amazing technology behind the shots.

C. R. Costley

Loved "Hell or High Water" script. I'm from Texas and I can appreciate the accuracy within the descriptions as well as the dialogue. I'll be checking out some of the others mentioned above.

Theresa Drew

Thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to read it now. Figured I'd post a link in case anyone was looking.

Martina Cook

Thanks, Theresa! And everybody for the suggestions!

Martina Cook

I liked description and dialogue too, but mostly for me, it's a fine example of excellent exposition. Something I need to work on!

Dan Guardino

I agree with Dan M. Raiders of the Lost Ark. I know Vic Armstrong who was Harrison Ford's stunt double and they looked so much alike they would confuse them on the set and in airports. Anyway that was a great movie.

Regina Lee

Must agree with Martina. I love that script too. It was on the 2012 Black List under its former title COMANCHERIA. In Hollywood, it signaled Taylor Sheridan as an actor/writer not to be ignored.

Eric Christopherson

My favorite line from the HOH script (though I fear my 6 year-old son will one day say it to me when he's grown): "You gonna just sit there and let Alzheimer's take its course?"

Chris Blair

HOH water is a great movie; I can imagine the script being awesome too. If you haven't read any Tarantino scripts yet, I recommend it. He has a knack for describing things well, and his dialogue is fun in a different way when you just read it.

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