Screenwriting : Historical Inspiration by Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy

Historical Inspiration

The Birmingham church bombing, The Six Day War and a family of 19th serial killers. These are events and real people that inspired me to write a screenplay.

What historical event inspired you to write a feature or television script?

Karen Stark

I haven't wrote a historical screenplay yet, but I do have a outline for a screenplay called Dunmail. It's a very interesting period in UK history. I'm also inspired by an Elephant I know but I'm keeping that under my belt :)

Hank Biro

I would like to start researching the history of my hometown, and write an anthology script containing the most interesting events that occurred here. I'm thinking of including a story based on the fact that our city was once the serial killer capital of the world, unless I decide to turn that facet of our history into a standalone feature.

Imo Wimana Chadband

I guess my horror screenplay I'm working on now can be said to be from historical events. It's inspired from a particular folk tale passed down from generations in my country. My father actually shared an experience him and a group of friends actually had with reference to said folk tale.

Doug Nelson

The overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1891 ('The Stolen Kingdom'). The Senate race of 1924 in Ohio, under the watchful eyes of the KKK ('The Hooded Summer').The tale of a German Army conscript to protect, hide and save his Jewish wife and infant in a Catholic Church in Poland at the end of WWII ('Faithfully Executed'). Other than those - not much.

Dan MaxXx

0, not my genre but I want to write a biopic about a celebrity birthday party, kinda like "Almost Famous" meets "The Hangover". Drugs, Booze, sex, super models, ballers, rappers, Internet billionaires...

Pete Whiting

my retro horror action is set against backdrop of the 1983 KAL-007 shootdown.

Jim Boston

Phillip, the 2-3-1959 Clear Lake, IA plane crash that claimed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson was the catalyst for "Jingle Belles."

Dan Guardino

Jim. A friend of mine attended that concert because he was a big Buddy Holly fan. I think that motivated him to start his band the Marketts and a second band a few years later called the Routers. His record "Out of Limits" used for the TV series a film soundtracks in Pulp Fiction. He later became a producer and that is how I met him.

Travis Calvert

Jim Boston. I'd love to read your script. That crash site is less than 10 miles from my boyhood home and as a life long rock n roll fan it something that interests me greatly.

Travis Calvert

A box of family keepsakes and wartime correspondence (some from grandma to grandpa during WW2 and some from my uncle to my dad during Vietnam).

David Downes

Noah's Flood

Erik A. Jacobson

John Perkins vs State of Mississippi law case

Jim Boston

Travis, "Jingle Belles" is right here on Stage 32. In the "Search People, Education, and more" box, type in "Jim Boston," and my profile- and all my loglines- should come up. (Or to cut right to the chase, type "Jingle Belles" in the same box and it'll get you access to the logline, synopsis, and screenplay itself.)

Travis, thanks for posting! And welcome to Stage 32!

Jim Boston

Travis, "Rivertown Rock!" is also set in Northwest Iowa, and is also right here on Stage 32...and as a matter of fact, its impetus is another historical event: The Beatles' 2-9-1964 appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show." (And if you'd like to read that script, too, you're more than welcome.)

Another shortcut: You can also click "Jim Boston" right here on this post, and it'll get you to all my loglines...and the screenplays I've turned in to Stage 32.

Thanks for everything, Travis!

Travis Calvert

This looks like good fodder for a tale or two...

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