Screenwriting : How to Break into TV Drama Writing for a Streaming Platform by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

How to Break into TV Drama Writing for a Streaming Platform

Spencer was a cylone (!) and really delivered today in his Stage 32 webinar on how to break into TV drama writing for a streaming platform for Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. What are some things you learned?

Bolen Miller

I had a quick question, If I am unrepped should I look for an agent or a manager first?

TA Shaw (Tom)

Simple great advice. 2 pieces of great writing.

Ricki Linksman

Thank you Spencer. You opened my eyes in this great crash course to how the world of TV drama works. Thank you for answering questions so clearly. I like your honesty and practical advice which helps us make good decisions on which direction to go with our writing! Awesome instructor.

Mary Goldman

Lots of great info from Spencer: as a manager what he looks for (two pieces of great writing), building credibility, odds and strategies for getting staffed on a show, once staffed, writing to the show's budget. One thing I would still like to know: strategies for selling a feature to a streaming platform (as opposed to a series).

Emma Selinski

Thanks, Spencer! Talk about valuable content and exceptional planning, told in a super entertaining way! You rock!

Spencer Robinson

Thanks for watching

Thank you to everybody who tuned in to watch the webinar. I know that maneuvering the TV world can be tricky, but it's a great career, and a job that is worth the time and effort. Keep writing! Keep creating. Thanks everyone..

Christian Skovly

Thank you Spencer for taking the time.

Diana T Black

Thank you Spencer and Stage 32...nothing quite like listening and learning from someone who knows their ----------. Re the Bible issue, I find I need to know the narrative arc (what's going down in the final act of the series, then reverse engineer, so that even for a 5 season Sci-Fi for which I've only written the Pilot, there are things in the final season that relate back to the Pilot, so in an effort to (always) multi-task and spin, I'll use the detailed summary of each season that I've come up with to glean from it the shortened Pitch Bible and use the full summary (akin to a Treatment) to be an Outline for associated IP (novellas - one for each season)… at least that's the plan... best wishes to all...

Marcia Rothschild

Excellent. Love that you speak as good and fast as Shonda Rhimes' characters. ba ha ha ha

Vanessa D. Anthony

I signed up for the class, but was unable to attend the webinar. How can I listen online?

Amanda Toney

HI Vanessa D. Anthony! you can watch it in your purchase history in your settings on your Stage 32 profile (gear icon on top right corner). For anyone who missed it you can order it on demand here:

Melissa Papel

This was a great webinar! I learned so much and I have to admit that I was stunned when Spencer said that a Bible shouldn't exceed 5 pages! Mine was 20 pages so I definitely changed that haha:) Thanks again for all the great tips!

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