Introduce Yourself : Intro From Screenwriter by Connor Eck

Connor Eck

Intro From Screenwriter

Hi! I'm freshly new to Stage 32 (which rhymes so that's cool). I'm an aspiring screenwriter and currently work as a PA for CBS's Limitless. I have 2 feature screenplays that I'm shopping around, as well as a children's book that I'm turning into an animated feature. Just wanted to connect and say hey!!

Aray Brown

Hey Connor! A PA for Limitless, that's cool.

Michael Cianci

What's up brother.

Dayna Burnworth


Mark Vincent Kelly

Definitely rock the PA and your chances will come. Take your time and enjoy the ride. The peers around you are invaluable because you all rise the ladder together and that's a strong bond to call on/be called on in the future. :-D

Mitch Todd

Good luck, Connor! I'm working hard not to repeat some lame Limitless pun in my message.

Delete Account

Best of luck to you Connor.

Jennifer DiSilvestro

Hey Connor. Would love to pick your brain and see if you could do anything animated with the children's books I have done. Good luck with your screenplays!

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