Screenwriting : Is it okay to do this? by Zorrawa Jefferson

Zorrawa Jefferson

Is it okay to do this?

You see a character you like on television. You take their personality, give them a different name, a different story, and mix them with other things that was already done or used before. You grab other ideas and mix them together to try and make something original. Is that okay?

Beth Fox Heisinger

"Good artists copy; great artists steal" —"steal" meaning borrow or influence. To further explain this quote: A good (implying bad) artist merely copies (plagiarizes) another person’s art. A great artist selectively steals (borrows) elements from multiple sources and then creatively combines their influences to create something that is uniquely their own. So, yes, Emily, what you are doing is what most people try to do: combine things, give it their own creative take, and thus try to come up with something new. :)

Dan MaxXx

just steal from 1970s Asian movies :)

Craig D Griffiths

There are a limited number of personality traits and cultural influences that build a person's character. There has to be repeats in the world.

Anne Devina Reeve

I agree with you Craig....characters and Plots mix together in the melting pot if my it when they emerge......

Bhavana Goparaju

I agree above comments. Innovation is not just doing it from scratch but also Making changes, adding, editing, deleting, mixing from the past to the present. Same with the scripts, characters, Movies of already existing one's to make a new at par is a good idea too

Anne Devina Reeve

The wise old adage...there is nothing new, in writing it's all been done before....But...different place, different time, you create something unique in your characters....transform them ...into a world of your unique imagination, ......

Eva Dogg

yes i love that way lol

Eva Dogg

i mean i have my own character her name is katrine valentine :P

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