Screenwriting : More than one script at a time- by Jerry Doubles

Jerry Doubles

More than one script at a time-

When you are buried in one story, writing its screenplay, then another pops and the third drops, streaming down through your veins, perhaps a fourth-- damn, I find this pretty challenging! What is your experience?? How do you juggle through several screenplays to write at the same time??

Monique Mata

What Sam said. Or, do as the pros do and practice stacking projects: rewrite, first draft, prep-writing.

Owen Mowatt

RUM! After a bottle, I need three keyboards to keep up!

David Levy

I write one script and may revise/polish another at the same time. But I am always writing down idea's, plot lines, characters, etc on concept's I want to brainstorm more on. Write one story at a time but always be writing down ideas for future cocepts. Makes it easier to work on later.

Hans Nielsen

Save the idea, but one feature at a time worksbest for me. Shorts are different, here I can jump aound from one story to the next more easily.

Anthony Cawood

I keep my ideas in an online app that I can access from any device, laptop etc, I keep adding to it and have an aspiration of adding a new idea every day. If the idea keeps germinating I do what Lisa suggests... Unless the idea is a Short, then I might just find time to squeeze it in ;-)

Jerry Doubles

All these comments have been truly helpful...thanks to y'all.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

There is nothing wrong with having multiple ideas. It shows your creative juices are flowing. It’s simply a matter of organizing your ideas. I create folders for every idea I have. I have several concepts for screenplays I haven’t got to yet. I have worked on two screenplays at once. Just don’t break a good writing groove to work on something else unless you have a delivery deadline.

Jerry Doubles

Great- Phillip

Renee Lucas Wayne

i work on the one where the characters are speaking the loudest. the noisey ones won't be quiet until they're satisfied. LOL

Jerry Doubles

Oh! Yeah? LOL! Renee-

Jerry Doubles

Alle, you must be some kind of a human robot (no disrespect intended)- Multi-tasking!

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