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Owen Mowatt

My bootleg short film

I found out a few weeks ago that a local film club has a copy of one of my short films and has been "running it" for some weeks now. Not sure how to feel about it to be honest as it was kind of weird hearing about it. Their regulars seem to like it, which Im glad, but still feel a little empty inside that they didn't seek any permission. They say they got it from a friend of a friend. Anyhoo, Ive taken it as a compliment and left it at that. You guys can have it for free :)

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Owen, the footage breaks off at 7 mins. Annette has handed a photo of her mother to the psychic. Her boyfriend is annoyed. Where is the 2nd half?

LindaAnn Loschiavo

OK, here is Part 2 of Owen's film --

Sherry Landrum

when something is public on You Tube, I know I feel like I can share it with others, and I must admit I assume (?) that the creators realize that and want it to happen. I now will think about it and maybe at least leave a post or ask if they are adverse to it. By the way, it's really good.

Owen Mowatt

Thank you, Sherry. As I said, I wasnt going to make a big deal out of it, but it was just weird at the time.

Doug Nelson

Now you’ve got me wondering. I’ve downloaded stuff from YouTube that I’ve used as examples (good & bad) in screenwriting and filmmaking classes that I teach. I’ve always assumed that if it’s in the public domain; I’m free to use it. Of course, credit is always given (for both good and bad examples.)

Bala Bishop

thank you I will watch for sure

Owen Mowatt

Im sure theres not a problem with doing that, Doug. Once the initial shock ore off, i was quite proud to see it being used. It was also in BET channel during Black History Month. Thanks you Bala, hope you enjoy.

James Bradley

If it's in the public domain it can be viewed anywhere by anyone, and thats the legal standing. If you wish for permissions to be authorised then you must password protect the work and only reference it using a trailer. Also by having it on the public domain it will be impossible for it to get into any major festival.

Owen Mowatt

Thanks, James The film had already done the festival circuit in the UK, and won a couple of awards, so I was more flattered than anything

Sherry Landrum

If you hadn't posed the question I might never have seen it, and I'm glad I did. Good luck in the future.

Owen Mowatt

Thank you, Sherry, glad you enjoyed it. I will try and be less humble in the future! :) Took us only one day to shoot, not bad for a thirteen minute short.

Patrick Freeman

Oh, too funny. Darren can't lie worth a crap. Owen, if I were you I'd take it as a complement that someone was playing your film. After all isn't that what short film are for? To get exposure. I've seen plenty of films that, if they had my name on them, I wouldn't want anyone to see. This is one you can be proud of. Congratulations.

Owen Mowatt

Thanks, Patrick & Nicole Glad you enjoyed it. There is actually a second part I had written too, which I thought was even funnier. But sadly we didn't get a chance to film it, the actress moved to America.

Dov S-S Simens

Patrick is correct....

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