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Theresa Drew


I was thinking about pitching one of my projects during the pitching session this weekend at Stage32. I've never done a pitch before. I was thinking of doing a written pitch as I'd be less likely to screw it up. But does anyone have any tips for pitching, especially if you've done the pitches on this site? Thanks

Erik Linthorst
  1. don't read it. 2. start with the genre. 3. Pitch in concentric circles (roughly: one liner, then three liner, then ten liner**) **credit to Marshall Herskovitz for this. 4. Make sure you emphasize your "big idea" or "hook".
Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi Theresa. :) There's been a lot of discussion on the site about pitching. You can easily do a 'general search' by topic in the Lounge and all related threads will be listed. Here's one thread that has a lot of information and great discussion about pitching: Also, Joey Tuccio has done various webinars giving pitching prep tips. Here's an audio webinar that may be helpful to you: Oh, and perhaps ask Happy Writers for the written pitch templates, created by Joey which give straightforward direction on what is expected in a written pitch; this direction can also be applied to a verbal pitch. Send an email to and inquire about the templates. I hope that helps! :)

Clayton Broomes Jr.

You can write it but memorize it. Even if you forget some of it, you'll be on the right track, I'm sure.

Jorge J Prieto

If you're going for the written, follow the pitching templates, if you need a copy let me know or email Joey Tuccio or anyone in happy writers here and number 1, make sure you have zero misspelled words. Have someone proofread your pitch and yes only two pages long one paragraph per act. It's not easy, if you know your story well, as you should, go Skype. My first written pitch was not a positive one and the feedback was very ambiguous. This is a necessary evil for us screenwriters. Good luck.

Shaunda Young

where do you find the pitching template?

Beth Fox Heisinger

Again, inquire with Happy Writers, :)

Theresa Drew

Thanks for all the helpful advice. Beth, thanks for the template info. I think thats exactly what I need.

Regina Lee

I would argue that verbal pitches might be more effective for new pitchers because in a verbal pitch, the exec has a chance to ask you questions if you have missed important details. But I've never participated in S32 pitching, so I defer to Beth and Joey.

Beth Fox Heisinger

No, you're absolutely right, Regina. :) Joey often recommends verbal pitches over written ones, simply because you can better portray who you are and what you are all about in person; better connect with the person whom you are pitching to. 'Cause it's not just the project you are pitching, you're also pitching yourself. Plus, as Regina pointed out, you then have the opportunity to answer questions. Anyway, go with whichever route best suits you. And do talk over your options with the great folks of Happy Writers. They're always happy to help. :)

Beth Fox Heisinger

And you're welcome, Theresa! I'm always happy to be of service. :)

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