Screenwriting : Political Dialogue by Brian McAndrew

Brian McAndrew

Political Dialogue

I have a stupid question. Does the dialogue change if a character is a conservative or liberal? I'm writing a character is center of right libertarian. Do I listen to pundits in that sphere?

Brian McAndrew

The character is a public speaker who's spearhead sometimes drifts into politics.

Natasha Powell

It couldn't hurt to listen to a radio show by someone with similar views as your character and mix the information you get from that with the personality traits of your character.

Laurie Ashbourne

Look for discussions between James Carville and his wife they are political pundits on very opposite sides and the fact that they are married makes the discussion very entertaining.

Richard Toscan

For writers, it always helps to listen or in many cases, eavesdrop. If you've never been around a conservative right of libertarian sort, then you need to find one or listen to guests on a lot of talk radio. Fox News also works for what you need.

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