Screenwriting : Question about POV by Dave Wickenden

Dave Wickenden

Question about POV

Hello everyone, I'm working on a horror story. I like to show the POV of a monster as it hunts down its prey. Would I use the format:

Monsters POV: Hunting

If not could you advise. I've done a quick search online but nothing about looking through the eyes of an animal or monster.



Maurice Vaughan

"Monsters POV: Hunting" works, Dave Wickenden. That's basically how I write POVs.

Dave Wickenden

Perfect. Thanks much.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome. I do like to bold the POV though. "Monsters POV: Hunting""

E Langley

Try a reverse: POV - MONSTERS, HUNTING

Dan MaxXx

Google Predator screenplay and read how the writers did Predator's POV killing the soldiers.

Dave Wickenden

Thanks Dan. I give that a try. I tried Wolfen, but couldn't find an original script.

Geoff Hall

Dave Wickenden Hi Dave, I use the SHOT tag and would write SHOT: MONSTER’S POV

And then on the Action line I’d describe what’s happening. That’s my 2 cents worth.

Dave Wickenden

Thanks Geoff.

Dave Wickenden

Thanks for the help, I was just going through it. I'm golden!

Dan Guardino

I would write:


as he...

Note: Make sure you format it like a shot.


You can just write:

The Monster sees… and not do it like a POV.

Pamela White

Yesterday, I had a dream about monsters. In my dream, I knew what they were saying. So I'd agree with Monsters' POV.

Kiril Maksimoski

Know your monster...I mean way better than the audiences will...Thomas's do it page one on the Predator...they introduce it's skill's and hint the way it sees its prey (we gonna see as well)...this ain't an idea outta blue...this has been explored, investigated, daydreamt long before entering script page...

Dave Wickenden

Thanks Kiril. I did download the script and have been studying it. You're right, he's done it all for me.

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