Anything Goes : Scam warning (please read) by Kriss Sprules

Kriss Sprules

Scam warning (please read)

Hi guys,

I don't come by here very often anymore these days, but I wanted to make everyone aware that there's currently a scammers going around Facebook offering everyone the earth, and he might convince a baby writer or two, so I wanted to out him here. His name is Britt Wynn. I've done a mountain of due diligence on the guy, and he's 100% a scam artist.

Please keep an eye out, be wary as always, and keep safe out there.

Owen Mowatt

Not being funny, Kriss, but seeing as "we" don't know you either, you'd have to provide some proof of this claim.

What has he done exactly that we should be wary of?

Tony S.

A quick search found imdb credits and a website with the usual services from pitching to marketing and coverage. Google shows no results with his name plus scam or complaints.

Caveat emptor, I suppose.

Kriss Sprules


I posted a simple request in the group through which he contacted me. Here are a selection of his replies:

Kriss Sprules


Kriss Sprules

I mean, is this the guy you want to do business with?

Dan Guardino

Guys, how can an agent trainee represent screenwriters. That should be a tip off right there.

Kriss Sprules


You should check out the credits on his website. Especially the selection of his things you can watch on Netflix. He's credited on exactly one of them.

Everything about this guy, based upon my experience in the industry, says he's a fraud. A new fraud, maybe, but I've seen enough in my time to spot a fraud a mile away.

It's the little things, like claiming to be a "trainee agent" but refusing to tell anyone with which agency he's training. Dropping names of clients who are far too big to be allowing a trainee anything to represent them.

Everything about the guy smells fishy.

Tony S.

Guess that's settled. Pass out the tar and feathers.

Britt Wynn

Hello all. I'm Britt Wynn. There is no discernible reason why Krissy is all of a sudden trying to slander my name. I have no clue who he is either. I messaged him about a service that I offered on FB that many have benefited from which has proved to be effective and shortly after he went on a Kanye rant about how I was a scam. Regardless, his attempt to label me as a "scam artist or fraud" is humorous and he's actually helped bring in 3 new clients who made me aware of this post, so Kriss, if you see this keep up the good work!

Kriss Sprules

Ah, look, the con artist appears, fresh from behaving like a child on the original post.

If you're dumb enough to give this scammer money, you deserve everything you get.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

But hey, he pretends to roll with the big boys and he's imagining new clients left, right and centre. Top stuff.

Tony S.

Hey, you two should get a room.

Kriss Sprules

We had one until someone decided to email the con artist and have him chase me around the Internet.

Nice job, Tony. Thanks for unleashing this psychopath all over the place. I'm sure you'll go far.

Tony S.

I've already traveled far.

Everyone deserves the right to defend themselves. The spouting of venom leaves a bitter taste particularly when its generic and unsubstantiated. Frothing at the mouth is neither attractive nor does it lead to confidence in the frother.

There's only one person here acting the psychopath.

Don Diego

Oh, mortals. Con artists and preachers. Start value your time.

Dan MaxXx

So what is the scam? This guy is selling his services as a Script Consultant. Nobody is forcing you to hire him.

Britt Wynn

Thx Dan and Tony. There is no scam :D

Kriss Sprules

"No scam" - I'm reliably informed that the actual writer of this movie, Romeo Miller, would very much like to discuss that with you.

It's a small town, kid. Be careful whose work you try and take credit for.

Kriss Sprules

According to your Instagram, you also wrote this Romeo Miller film.

So, just a big fan of his work, or are you going to claim you are him?

By the way, your Insta says you wrote it in 2005 and that it's in pre-production. I mean, if you're going to claim someone else's movie, at least know what's going on with it. That's basic.


Charles Buchan

Well, this is all very interesting.

Royce Allen Dudley

Very problematic post and thread. Where are the moderators of this website?

Harriet Miller

suffocates in popcorn

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

P.T. Barnum said it best: There is a SUCKER born every minute. And I agree with another member on this thread: "Let the buyer beware".

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